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     1971 – born in Brno. Calm childhood disturbed only by parents quarrelling and with                       a myriad of scrapes. In the early age of three a seed of my musical talent                       starts to show. Concerts on percussions composing of pots, lids and other                       hand-made instruments are rewarded with our neighbours enthusiastic                       battering on our door.  

     1973 – my sister Helena is born. Since she’s only a girl, we play the brothers’ game                     all the childhood.

     1978 – 1985 – Primary School. I survived. So did my teachers. Since then I know                                    how to start a fire, wade through brooks, throw stones in a distance,                                    ride a bike, and play the truant. In the swimming course I failed to                                    learn to swim despite the numerous nudges I got from the lifeguard.                                    I try to play the violin; in the beginning I feel my choice wasn’t the                                    right one. The violin is too easy to carry and it starts to accompany                                    me also to the places where I wouldn’t expect it. When I decide to                                    try my luck at the Academy of Music entrance examination, I stop                                    being keen on playing the violin anymore.

     1985 – 1991 – Academy of Music in Brno. Feeling of freedom in the lack of                                    freedom, enthusiastic absorption of impressions from the world                                    around. I find out that playing violin needs practising. Sometimes, it is                                    necessary to practice a lot.

     1991 – 1995 – JAMU (Janacek’s Academy of Music Arts) in Brno. I take music                                    seriously; philosophy and religion as well – I try not to mix
                                   everything up, look intelligent, and stay cool.

     1994 – The Prague Chamber Philharmonics orchestra is founded. I belong to its                     founding members and experience all the musical as well as human rises and                     falls there. 

     1995 – Happy life together with one girl is topped with marriage.

     1996 – I start taking photographs – amateur and silly. Up to now these attributes                    are still the easiest to keep in my work. My wife often draws my attention to                    the fact that I only act being a photographer – the result of which is that I                    take pictures up till now.

     2000 – Happy marriage ends up in a divorce.

     2005 – Happy life together with another girl is topped with another marriage. She’s                      not blaming me for anything yet, she borrows my cameras though. Lucky she                      doesn’t play the violin!

     2007 - 13.2. the birth of our daughter Julie

     2009 - 8.4. the birth of our daughter Johana