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Welcome in the black and white world!

 - I fell for photography just as I fell for music some years ago and pictures in the black and white range have become my life necessity and passion that is constantly growing.  If you can tell this from my pictures and if you feel pleased with them as much as I am pleased and fascinated by imprinting this world in a layer of silver, then I didn’t press the camera release in vain.  

- In spite of our advanced digital age I have (at least so far) stuck to the darkroom black magic that distinguishes the classic photography so much and makes every photo an original.

- Some time ago a friend of mine was looking through the pictures and claimed that the subject was trivial, yet still worth photographing. At the time I realized I wanted to be a photographer of “trivial” subjects.

- Jeanloup Sieff said that photography is a photographer’s encounter with light.

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