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NUDE – a subject that hardly leaves us indifferent. Let’s leave out the ones who refuse the topic for their understanding of morals or for other reasons. And I do this in spite of my suspicion that among the most sworn refusers of nudity in art form there are many of those who are fascinated by it. A nude refers to us who are attracted by the human body and its beauty extraordinarily strongly and leaves us in a mute astonishment at the skills of the Chief Constructor above us.  Artistic nude in photography is one of the most amazing disciplines exhausting the energy and imagination of a photographer which allows him to enjoy the world of lines and curves that we fail to notice in the everyday life. It is an endless search and finding of shapes and relations; the subliminal perception of erotic beauty of the model belongs to it together with the sparking of the mutual communication, which together bring the most sensitive cocktail – and ultimately the resulting photograph.